Tuesday, September 25, 2007

House Votes Tonight... Stay Tuned

Nice clips from this article:
Rep. Rahm Emanuel (D-Ill.), one of the leading sponsors of the children’s health bill, added a nice soundbite, arguing that “it’s a bizarre thing that a president who believes in testing kids for math does not believe in testing kids for measles and mumps.”

Survival of the Richest

Or why I think Bush is being a moron...
Read the Mathematica brief on SCHIP. The funding proposed in this bill is equal to 41 days of Iraq War.
Link to firedoglake to call your representative.

Anyway, clearly Bush hopes for survival of the richest and not of the fittest.

Monday, September 24, 2007

More on SCHIP

And another reporter has this to say: Bush, Democrats Duel On Children's Insurance

So this reporter is neglecting to mention that there are a good deal of Republicans supporting this bill and that BUSH is characterizing it as a partisan disagreement with the Dems.

The man is just uneducated... AP's more detailed take on his veto's here.

Friday, September 21, 2007


Just posting a link to this one: Veto Threat Angers Republicans
Read through, then check out the link to the comments. I'm pretty sure you can guess my opinion on the matter.

(If you don't know what SCHIP is, check Wiki.)

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

I was wrong...

Reliable Source says this:
A court commissioner ordered
Britney Spears (left) to hire a parenting coach to show her how to raise her children, according to documents posted on TMZ last night. The L.A. court scolded the pop singer for "habitual, frequent" drug and alcohol use -- but also denied her ex-husband Kevin Federline's request to have more custody of their two kids, now shared 50-50.

I totally thought he'd have those kids by now. Keep trying K-Fed. How long can Britney really last on twice a week random drug & alcohol screenings?

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Call Laura Sessions Stepp!

"I think I do sleep better now," she said. "And it's definitely much easier to have another person in the bed if the occasion arises."

I read this article and had an immediate reaction of 'why did I just do that?'
Uhhh what a WASTE of newspaper space. Also makes me feel old in an 'when I was your age' type of way. Like, when I was your age, we slept on crappy twin xl's because that's what you do in college. I don't think colleges are supposed to encourage sharing beds. Plus, that's a good way to gain spacial perspective: how do you fit to fully grown adults into one twin bed? GRE practice, I think so!

(Anyway, Laura Sessions Stepp might want to write a rebuttal to that article, since now colleges are clearly ENCOURAGING girls to hook up with guys by giving them big beds. Watch out for grey rape.)

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Update on the Orioles

We were at the Sox game Sunday, in pretty awesome bleacher seats. Our dear friend in the daisy dukes was definitely up in the stands, same seat, same shorts.... I think he kept his shirt on, but I tried to take a photo from far away, coming soon.

Meters vs. Zones vs. Meters vs. Zones vs....

In 1996, the commission voted to require meters in all cabs by 1998. The decision was made after a city-financed study concluded that the zone system charged too much for short trips and not enough for long ones. The meters were never installed.
Read article here

Well, my personal opinion is that we need real meters, I just don't understand why DC keeps trying to be different and "individual." As the nation's capital shouldn't it set a bar for the rest of the country? Isn't that why they have such a great educational system? Oh... Wait...

I have in the back of my head something we studied in econ (of law maybe) about whether the cab driver is better off cheating & wasting time to get a higher fare or taking the quickest route.
Economics says: Quickest route - may be a lower fare but then you are able to start looking for a new passenger.
(If anyone has read this & has a reference for it I'd much appreciate the help.)

"I don't need to walk around in circles, walk around in circles, walk around in..." - Soul Coughing
(Listen here)

Thursday, September 06, 2007

From the station that brings you Loveline...

I ended up walking to work this morning because traffic was a little backed up and I had clearly just missed a blue bus. I wish I had been paying a little more attention to my surroundings because I could have snapped a picture on my cell of this situation:

On the sidewalk on the inbound side of Key Bridge there's a girl in a itsy bitsy yellow bikini holding a sign for 106.7 Talk radio, and a guy snapping photos.

So who does that? Come to find out that 106.7 is the station that hosts Opie & Anthony (ohhh) and Loveline. I guess it was promotional, but what girl thinks that's a good idea?