Sunday, July 12, 2009

Awkward and the Real World

Real World first:
The whiny bitches who live across the street from the Real World house document a fight that goes on outside:
Yes, I don't like people fighting outside my place either, but the first step is to call the cops, then blog about it (and blog about how you called the cops, because otherwise you look like a douche). What I don't understand is the WSC thing:
They're forbidden from speaking to anyone? What? I just find this weird, like often interactions with people at the gym are kind of awkward anyway, so why does it matter if some guy from the Real World asks to work in a set or when you're going to be done with the treadmill? Seriously.
And, a friend of mine ran into some cast members at a bar the other night. Said friend wants to hang out with them but doesn't want to be on camera. Try the gym maybe?

Awkward last:
In college one summer I dated this guy and would stay at his place every so often, but had to leave around 6am to get home. I got really good at public transportation around Boston that summer. Anyway, on my walk to the bus stop I always passed a crew of Hispanic guys sitting on their stoop (at 6am???) and usually got a shout out. At the time, definitely annoying, and if I had to walk past that every day now I would still find it annoying. But there's something I miss about that (discretely leaving at 6am? having to take the bus? the heckling?)... Ok, not miss exactly. More like I live in a quiet neighborhood across from a well-patrolled park that homeless people don't sleep in, and sometimes my walk to work is uneventful. I was reminded of this when I walked out the door the other day and some guy yelled across the street to me, but I couldn't understand what he was saying and ignored him because generally that's what I do when men I don't know yell across the street at me. Anyway, not sure what he was trying to say, but do know that when he finally raised his voice enough for me to hear him he was telling me that he's in the Army and just be polite, man. Oh wait, I'm sorry. If you're in the Army you should be able to raise your damn voice enough that I can understand what you're saying and not think you're just being incredibly sketch.

Rant over. At least I don't live across from the real world house, bitches!

Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Sarcasm Much?

"They're great-looking, and good dancers. I think they're going to fit into D.C. perfectly."
Via Reliable Source

Now let's talk about things that you don't see every day in DC:
1. Great-looking people, like stunning, attractive, dashing, gorgeous. Granted, IMHO the cast is not "great-looking" but maybe they're "hot for DC" which isn't that hard to be if you're youknow, normal.
2. Good dancers. Again.... Maybe good dancers for DC. Maybe? Or they just get really drunk and cut loose (footloose, kick off your sunday shoes) and it seems like they're good dancers because you're drunk too?


Monday, July 06, 2009


Say Hello to Underachieving

The NY Times writes this article about kids who can't get White House internships who are then incapable of getting real jobs either and loaf around the house. I a little bit don't feel bad for them. I mean, it sucks that you didn't get a job, but maybe you weren't cut out for a White House Internship. Did you reapply with the company you worked for last year? And they didn't take you back? Hmmm...
Well, if you don't want to flip burgers, and your parents can afford to keep you lazing around the house, maybe you could use your time to VOLUNTEER instead.
No, you will not get paid.
But, you could gain not only something that looks good and altruistic on a resume but some valuable experience too.
And you would be "making a difference." It does feel good sometimes.
Try homeless shelters, summer camps/schools, etc.

This article just annoyed me a little. But then again, I always had a (paying) job during the summer in college. Granted, it wasn't real work - it was day camp, but they paid well, so that was more important than answering phones for no cash just to maybe get a leg up.

Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Why Outlook Sucks - A Common Gripe I'm Sure

This is  how the Ed Sector newsletter looks in Microsoft Outlook:

This is how it looks in gmail viewed in firefox:

This is how it looks online:

Size and colors differ between gmail and web, but outlook? Oh lord microsoft try moving into 2005 at least!
Here is Education Sector's website in case you're curious: