Friday, June 30, 2006


The edu-bloggers are slacking because of July 4th holiday... This makes my life at work boring because trolling the edublogs usually takes a nice relaxing chunk of time from my day. Granted, they're not really exciting on a day-to-day basis, and I tend to find the same info on like 8 different sites, and they get into petty eduwonk cat fights.

And they're still going nutty about mentos & coke--it was on letterman last night, let's get over it.


Friday, June 23, 2006

Read this if you have the time.

Interesting city paper article on a school in Dupont.
Most brain-tickling part of the article is in the last paragraph re: closing the school because of it's size.
DC obviously is not in on the small schools argument.

Monday, June 19, 2006


Don't go organic. a) there's no proven positive effect
b) the more people going organic, the more overtaxed organic systems will be... thus causing... something something i read a while ago. :-/

(And the whole foods lobster thing, totally PR, no one cares)

I must be hearing things

The acoustical society of america says not to use voice amplification in schools, instead renovate to fix the acoustics. Read about it here:

Where should the schools get the money to renovate poor classrooms to adjust acoustics?

That might be buried somewhere in their policy on noise here:

intern season

Wow, probably the dumbest article I've ever read. Interns paying $1250 a month for a tiny bedroom in a shared apartment?
You are very very obviously getting ripped off.
And another one complaining that $250 is too much per month for a dorm room?

Thursday, June 15, 2006


YES. I think this is a good idea, and a way for metro to generate revenue, because they could charge people to apply for permits to play in the metro. Use just about any other subway system in the world and you will find people playing music. Oh DC, get with the times baby.

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

english immersion

Bob Slavin weighs on on Ron Unz... I think Unz is a few sandwiches short of a picnic, and I wrote a paper about what a bad idea this was a few years ago for public administration with Prof Nostradamus.

Monday, June 12, 2006

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

More for the Edu-Sationalists

How Bad Do You Have to Go?

At Some Schools, It's Bathroom Breaks vs. Grades

The Washington Post does it again, fueling the edu...blogger crowd and chastising NCLB for making us bring lice to school and pee our pants and not protest...

But if there's a kid in an AP class who can't respect class enough to only pee when necessary, s/he is probably not mature enough to be in a "college level" class, let alone go to real college......

"It should be like college, especially for seniors. We can vote. We can go to war. We should be able to pee whenever we want."

More on the gym

I did used to get up at 4:30 for practice, but this is insane...

Monday, June 05, 2006

election-year ploy to placate conservative voters

Oh Bush reviving gay marriage... Ahhh bringing this up again?
Can't we all be pro-choice on gay marriage? (Hey, and less abortions right?)

sadly we won't all agree to disagree when John Roberts is in charge of the Supreme Court

"Be realistic, demand the impossible."

Read this article about students in Chile, then think about what you could be doing!

Imagine if students in the US staged a walk-out because they didn't agree with NCLB--And schools would have to deal with lower attendance rates (Sensationalism in the News to all the Edu...Bloggers for their recent posts about lice and recess and all that nonsense) which would undermine the NCLB deal on attendance.

In protests that began in mid-May, more than 700,000 teenagers have walked out of classes at public high schools, demanding the overhaul of an education system they say is inferior and discriminatory. They have occupied several hundred schools, sleeping there overnight with sympathetic parents bringing them meals, and last week thousands marched in the streets of the capital here and in other cities in this nation of 16 million. ... Since the return of democracy, financing for public education has tripled and poverty has been reduced by half. But inequalities persist, both among regions and between public and private schools. On average, according to one recent study, private schools spend at least five times more per pupil than the poorest public schools do.Since the return of democracy, financing for public education has tripled and poverty has been reduced by half. But inequalities persist, both among regions and between public and private schools. On average, according to one recent study, private schools spend at least five times more per pupil than the poorest public schools do.

Friday, June 02, 2006

girl's got weltshmerz

Aww, poor Canadian girl with a German speaking father, spelled weltshmerz wrong by 1 letter, she put a v instead of a w (sound phonetic with v, like veltshmertz i think)... rule 1 in german (i made it up as rule one, but) v sounds are w's.... f sounds are v's.
I really wanted them to battle head to head and be co-champions.

Thursday, June 01, 2006


About the Gym.

Wow, this is ridiculous.

OK, yes, I'm a girl, I'm white, I don't look like a terrorist.
But I think this profiling is WRONG. When I carried Arab text books on the plane I didn't get even a double take like I thought I might. Did anyone watch season 2 of 24? We all could be "terrorists" "jihadists" whatever.
See below though:
"It is an apt comparison, Mr. Ahmed feels, noting that after the 1995 Oklahoma City terrorist bombing by a white former soldier, Timothy J. McVeigh, not every blond with a buzz cut was pulled over."

And we didn't really profile white men for the unabomber thing.

I was recently marked for special screening at the airport because I had a 1 way ticket to upstate NY. I had to go through the air blast machine. A blonde girl in heels 2 people before me set it off (it picks up gun powder/explosive residue) and it took over 5 minutes for them to clean off & reset the machine. Apparantly we can't all get the special treatment because it would be a waste of time... Or would it catch explosives? How sensitive is this machine................................

the gym

It's weird how solitary the gym is... You go, hop on your treadmill/elliptical/bike/erg/etc, plug in your ipod, open a magazine (or at nice gold's or wsc watch tv on your treadmill) and solitary confine yourself to the machine.
The classes are so close to almost the same way, usually you show up by yourself, yoga, and go. So many people are say-nothing-to-no-one types.
And then there's cardio kickboxing, which just amuses me. Yes, I enjoy it! Fun to do something completely different, but oh it's so funny.

Generally a mix of girls (women) ranging from the college kid home for the summer to post college to awkward mom age to old & uncoordinated. And the occasional awkward middle aged man who I usually see as a spectacle (but even more so in yoga). Yesterday was a mix of post college/awkward mom. I'll get the awkward mom thing out of the way because they sometimes seem completely discombobulated, incapable of getting any of the sequences right, unable to kick an inch off the floor, have to get water every 2 minutes... Hope I am never an awkward mom but good for you for going to the gym with all the skinny pretty gym-addict girls.

Then there's the we all look alike crowd. And it's so amusing these girls who punch and kick like they are fighting some imaginary enemy who is always on the right right right right right left left left left left right left right left.... No room for elbow-kick him in the nuts-right-left-left-left-right-left randomness like a real fight. No, this is a pink robot we're atttacking. Oh all these Yoshimi girls left block right kicking.

And bless you for knowing right from left. I see cardio kickboxing as a mental exercise: remembering my right from left, following crazy little kicking sequences, shuffling, bobbing, it's really hard on my head since work is such a brain drain. Some girls (who go to ckb way too muuuuuch) get so tough and into it like "I am ready for you pink robot do your best right left right left right left double speed"...
I am not so much like that, considering I can't be ready for the pink robot with it's alternating right lefts because I might just start out left right left left right left right don't stop paying attention because you'll go right left ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!