Thursday, January 31, 2008

Why I feel like starting Useless Blog Fight 2k8!

Because even if that post reeked of sensitivity, at least it didn't wreak of sensitivity.

(I'm frustrated from looking at govt sponsored web sites that have typos and no search menus, so I feel like hanging out with Grammar Girl today.)

And, I will admit, I am also being hypocritical. To quote myself, "Basically, something we all learn in kindergarten - just ignore it, because saying anything just encourages the situation..." So yes, I didn't ignore it in the first place and neither did don't be silent dc.

I just want to acknowledge that I am totally being a hypocritical, judgmental, useless asshole.

In response to Don't Be Silent when my comment gets censored

See the post here: that was kind of annoying. Basically, something we all learn in kindergarten - just ignore it, because saying anything just encourages the situation... Anyway, my guess is this gets censored for being insensitive and whatever so here it is:

OK, I'm guessing you wont let this past moderation, but it really annoys me that you turn to the kids & say I don't respond to kissy noises, because DUH YOU ARE. Even by saying you don't, you automatically are. And that encourages them. Also, there are plenty of (presumably homeless) men who say things like hello darling or hi beautiful to all of the women who walk past, and it's one of those things that people need to grow up and ignore, it's not specific singled out harassment of just 1 person.
Maybe you should give this harassment levels like 1) had to call the cops was in serious danger 2) felt uncomfortable and booked it out of there 3) unnecessary not threatening comments 4) useless drivel you want to write about because you are too sensitive
Yeah, totally not getting posted...

Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Headline of the DUH!

Imagine my surprise to see this one:

NOT... I would say this comes as a shock to few.

However, how many people will see that and ignore the issue [because they are too busy campaigning in SC] of improving education in the city where they hold jobs.