Monday, August 22, 2005


I've had enough of walking ANYWHERE around here. Not even walking, waiting for the bus even... Do people (excuse me, sketchy men) really have to beep at me when they see me standing on the corner waiting for the bus and reading my book or the express? How can they tell that I am pretty from so far away such that they are ready to beep at me when they drive past, because usually it's the guy in the passenger seat leering out the window who has to tell the driver to beep, right? OK seriously, when I am walking back from the gym, all sweaty and disgusting why in the world would you want to beep at me?
If I was less polite every guy that drove by me and beeped would get the double middle finger, but I've been told that's not a nice thing to do.
Besides, these guys are never attractive looking young men who any girl would want beeping at them, I'm sure they are upset that they can't get any pussy but trust me, you're not going to get some pussy that's walking while you are driving.

*Did I forget to mention that I DO NOT dress like a hooker/street whore while I am walking to work? (or at any time of day)*

My favorite story of all of the times that I have been beeped at happened while I was walking across the key bridge one afternoon. This guy driving a VW convertible, top down, not only (a) beeped, he also (b) yelled to me and (c) pulled--swerved--into the close lane!
Anyway, this has seriously been pissing me off the whole time I have been in DC. Why do men have no manners?

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