Friday, September 09, 2005

Coffee stains, and destroys electronic circuits too.

The metro-rail operator spilled COFFEE on the train and put some riders in *serious danger* of falling out, but I can't drink MY coffee on the train because I might get arrested? (12 year olds almost got arrested for eating french fries. Notice I said French and not F-ing freedom fries.) Alright, let's arrest this train driver because he spilled coffee (at least he didn't fall asleep driving your train, post lunch nap feeling anyone). Riiight, I'm sensing a double-standard here, even if this guy wasn't supposed to be drinking coffee, wouldn't someone have noticed him with it? Maybe there was another operator on the train? But someone must have seen him get in the car to begin with, right? And he obviously carried the coffee on, as I'm sensing the metro trains are not high tech enough to support coffee makers (maybe that's just me). What exactly is going on here anyway?


Anonymous said...

Since you hate DC so much why don't you find a job OUTSIDE of DC where you live and work there?

Also, what is with your hatred of bikers?

Geez, these "I hate DC" blogs are a dime a dozen now and all SO lame.

me said...

Since you don't like the "I hate DC" blogs, what compelled you to read mine, as it is so aptly titled "I HATE THE DISTRICT"?????