Wednesday, September 07, 2005

The Express

Ugh, why are the comics in the Express the least funny things possible? I know it's free and I can read (in color) all of the comics online, but what point is it to waste a page of the express with "Pooch Cafe" and "The Duplex"? I've come to realize comics are a sign of LACK of sophistication in a newspaper. Notice how Washington Post has nearly 3 pages of comics ever day (really crappy comics too, it's so sad)? The Boston Globe, my hometown newspaper, has a page and a half, and mostly funny comics too. None of this Mary Worth crap. I admit, there's no sudoku but when you have chess and bridge who needs it? (joke!) And the revered New York Times... Has none. No comics in the New York Times because it's not playboy. (New Yorkers don't have time for fun anyway.)
Back to my original point being that the comics in the Express suck suck suck. Who is in charge of that? There have got to be other people out there in DC who feel the same way. We can't all be rich & dumb enough to read 3 pages of WP comics every day, right?
(I secretly admit that I love the comics and I wish that I could read 3 pages of comics every day, while I drink my coffee.)
But also, don't the comics ADMIT that they are not for children? So what is the point. Doesn't Zippy agree with it too (can you see this cartoon on the blog)? I mean, they have a kids page, so doesn't that say Hey, the comics is not for kids? And why does the WP put Doonesbury on a separate non-comics page? It's not an editorial cartoon. Well, it is, but it's more importantly a comic. Are they trying to shield people from Doonesbury's ideas by hiding it in the editorial page?
Who knew comics could make someone so angry. Damn this post rambles on and makes no sense. Congratulations if you read it all.
On the positive side of all things DC, the weather has been beautiful this week and hopefully it will continue! :)

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he said said...

The Post comics are bad? If it weren't for them I would have never discovered Pearls Before Swine! Granted, having grown up with the Post, I'm biased. And Richard Thompson belongs in with everything else (and online). But can you blame the Express for trying someone new? A lot of editors and the like really don't have a good sense of humour, so at least they're making some effort to have something besides Classic Peanuts.

By the way, I love your blog. It's awesome.