Thursday, September 15, 2005

How late do you work? (Or do you w4m on CL?)

Now here's one thing I don't understand:
The traffic going out of Georgetown (across Key Bridge to VA--radar detectors ILLEGAL) is heavier at 7pm than at 5pm.
Why exactly is that? It shouldn't take 2 hours to commute out of DC, like DC proper--if you can even understand the complexity of that statement you are not from around here, (because isn't the beltway a bigger problem than M street?) so why are all of these people still driving home? Does the metro get worse at 7 too? That seems sort of ridiculous, and also I truly hope it doesn't because at 430 there are far too many people inside my personal space bubble on the train for me to be comfortable. Does anyone work normal hours in this city?? By 7 you are supposed to be at home with your wife and kids with dinner on the table. My family was weird and we didn't eat until 8 or 9, I guess we thought we were European, but everyone else I knew had dinner at 6 every night. Maybe your family is stay at home dad though and I apologize to all the women I've just offended. Dad's should be able to cook without supervision in the kitchen by 2005 though, so he should still get dinner on the table at 630 (I'm allowing some wiggle room) and you should have already come home and changed out of your work clothes.
Ahh now I see why everybody is so fat--they work until 7 and come home and eat... (Yes, I am a hypocrite since I didn't get back from work until 7 and then my *wonderful* boyfriend took me to dinner & a pitcher of sangria. But I'm going back to the gym this weekend!)
So what are you doing so late in the day?
Maybe getting freaky with an 6' tall Asian girl (oh wait, she's trans) that you met on CL before you go home to your wife?
Note that CL is awesome, and also a little creepy if you have been reading the New Orleans m4w posts.


he said said...

Trannies need love too. (t4m?)

I work till 4:30 or 5 and then an hour or so at home to make up for showing up late every day. But I'm in Rosslyn usually and the GW parkway isn't ever unbearably bad unless there's an accident going back into DC. Course, if it's a really nice day I go home early to take a nice big and fast bike ride since there's fewer walkers to run down at 4:30.

But I have no kids so coming home is fun.

Anonymous said...

I know many people who work until 7-8pm. It's fairly common practice in some fields.

My solution is to simply live near my job. I have a 15 minute commute - live and work in DC.

Never have to worry about traffic or those awful gas prices. I don't quite understand why someone would want such an awful commute.

Tomosaur said...

I often work late and don't get on the train back to Virginia until 6:30 or 7:00. Yellow and Blue lines are usually pretty comfortable by then, but I think Orange to Vienna is still pretty bad.