Monday, September 05, 2005

Twice in 3 days...

Have you seen the Seinfeld where George gets in the fight with that guy about parallel parking--whether he had the space if he was backing in or the other guy was going in forwards? That's like my life right now.
Two times this weekend I have pulled over to parallel park and the fucking dumbasses behind me drove up on my ass instead of passing me. The first incident was parking near the Rosslyn metro and was only a little bit my fault but combined with this guys idiocy.... Ohmygod. I pulled over to parallel and I admit my blinker wasn't on until after I stopped, then I blinked & put the car in reverse. This cab comes up my butt and won't go around me, so my wonderful (and angry) boyfriend jumps out of the car and yells to him to go around me. *There was no one behind this cab--it's not a well used street.* The cab driver is like "well what is she doing?" Uhm, hello! PARKING. So my boyfriend tells him to go around us again, and of course the cab driver can't do it. He's like I am too close or some other nonsense, so the boyfriend gets out of the car and says "Here, I'll help you, go around... I'll direct you." Of course super cab driver is dumbfounded! What kind of girl parks a car on a sidestreet? Anyway, he finally passes us and I parked (quite nicely, after all those months of parking at college I got really good at it). I won't even start with the cabs situation aorund here, it is absolute crap.
Incident 2: Monday morning, near Courthouse, going to park so we can get bagels. I see a spot and I pull to the side WITH my blinker. A guy driving a bmw pulls up my bum again. Hello??? So this time the windows were open and I stuck my arm out the window and waved him around me. What does he do? Clearly he doesn't pass me. At first I thought that maybe he wanted the space behind me, since there were two.... But I'm wrong--this guy pulls up next to me to be like "Hey what are you doing?" My response was clearly, PARKING. Ok wait, he still doesn't move. So I can't get into the space and out of the way. I've got the exasperated arm movements going on and he's all not moving and the guy has his window down and leans over and says "Is there a problem young lady?" Now it's pretty damn demeaning to call me a young lady since I am clearly not 15, but that's not even what angers me. So I'm like "Yeah, I'm parking!" And this guy finally finally pulls off and continues on his merry way.
Now it's one thing for a DC/VA cab driver to do it because this isn't NYC and they have no clue what they are doing, but a bmw? If you can afford that nice of a car you should know how to drive.... I don't think I have ever ever pulled up on someone's ass when they pull over to park, yet somehow this happens to me twice in one weekend?
Halas bitches.

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