Tuesday, October 04, 2005

The CL friendster express

My life has little meaning without the burning desire to search craigslist for an apartment anymore... This is serious stuff, when work is boring and I read everything in NYT, Globe, and WP that I wanted. Oh what a world.
And also: I heard that people on friendster can now know who is stalking them? Say what? The whole point of friendster is stalking, not making friends. Time to love facebook a little more.
OK, last one, I started driving to work so that I will have time to go to the gym and hopefully not be as tired from having a long worthless commute, but now I can't pick up the Express on my way in! That means I can't play with Sudoku, or read all the silly news they think is fit to print, or play with sudoku. ::sigh:: At least I can download the entire thing (adds included) in pdf!


he said said...

I never understood why services that let you sign up in order to watch or subscribe to a person's blog/journal wouldn't tell the watchee about it. It's why I use one of those free counter things that also tells where in the US your page views are coming from (it helps to have geographically disparate friends). It's also fun to call people out checking your site like 12 different times throughout the day.

DCdramaGrrls said...

I kinda freaked on the Friendster thing too, thinking sh*t, who knows I have too much free time to be stalking. But, I just realized you can switch your preferences to view anonymously. Unless of course you want them to see you were checking them out - which is fun sometimes too! and nuthin wrong with facebook love