Monday, October 10, 2005

The Great Depression

I haven't updated all weekend. I was pretty depressed about the baseball game, and my roommates wandering around going "Hey I'm sweeping your room Chicago swept the Red Sox." YUCK. And also being waterlogged all weekend really did me no good, my hair wasn't dry until last night, what a bummer. And had to get my car battery changed. That sucked it big time EXCEPT the mechanic guy didn't charge me to switch them because I was from Massachusetts. No really, that's what he said. Good thing I haven't changed my plates yet! :)
But had a really pleasant cup of coffee at Greenberry's in Courthouse, Sunday morning with the paper.
Another concert tonight. Bound to have a much younger crowd than the Stones, but how much younger? Hopefully not too much high school... Also going to be much more of a pain in the ass to get too, Patriot Center, so weird.


he said said...

At least traffic getting out of the Patriot Center was never too bad whenever I've been.

I find it funny that Foo Fighters and Weezer probably have fans who are mostly teens-twenty somethings even though both bands are like 10 years old now and their members gotta be in their mid-upper 30s.

Washington Cube said...

Who knew that Massachusetts plates would work such wonders?

Washington Cube Was Here. #311