Thursday, April 12, 2007

Clearly you're joking, right...?

The ins & outs
Out: Privacy

Wait, those two go hand in hand.
And in my hand, well, I will not be sporting the so-called fashion of see-through purses. See italics from article below. How ridiculous. If you follow the link, the article has a photo of the bags from Coach & Chanel, along with the price... If you can find me someone willing to pay $500 for a plastic bag, we'll I've got a bridge I'd like to sell you.
COME ON!!!!!!!!
Clear lucite accessories might be ok, but the "plastic" bag thing? It happened a few years ago and it didn't stick! I wish I could find a reference for that, if I do I'll post it later.

"Blame it on MySpace. On Facebook or YouTube. These oh-so- popular social-networking sites have changed us all by issuing a societal decree: Your life isn't real unless you bare it for all to see. And all this new technology has led to a staggering amount of transparency among us.

Now the concept has snaked its way into fashion. How else are we to explain the proliferation of all things invisible this spring?

Citing inspiration from the zippered plastic bags used for carry-on liquids on planes, designers including Karl Lagerfeld and Oscar de la Renta have crafted handbags from see-through polyvinyl chloride (PVC to you and me). Of course, for decades department stores have required employees to schlep their stuff in clear purses--but that's to discourage internal theft, hardly a positive story line to parade down the runway.

Also striking in their clarity: Accessories made from clear acrylic (trademarked under such familiar names as Lucite and Plexiglas) abound this spring. A revival of a mod '60s sensibility for see-me '07, they're luxury products for a new class -- one that has no need for a silly thing like personal privacy.

-- Cory Ohlendorf, The Washington Post"

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