Monday, April 23, 2007

Iced Coffee

Yeah, weather here is finally somewhat normal (so, not cold), and today was perfect for iced coffee. Of course, my proximity to the Rosslyn metro and my lack of driving to work made it totally impossible to get a DUNKIN DONUTS coffee. So after missing the bus by about thismuch I wandered into McDonald's (note: saw a md iced coffee commercial on today show while getting ready to leave the house) and got myself a coffee.
I'd say it would be 10 times better with 10 times less sugar in it (make that no sugar, none at all). In fact, it's sitting on my desk getting watery right now... I'm a "creme no sugar" type, so the sweetness is surprising.

Anyway, really the problem is that DD are not located central to any metro station, which is just obscene. I am convinced that setting one up right by the Rosslyn metro would create a huge amount of income, natch. I'd be there every freaking morning just about.

Why can't DC get the coffee right?!?!?!

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