Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Yuck, movies...

I'm watching "The Last Kiss," you know, Zach Braff's other movie. It's not bad, but I just can't believe it. Not that it's unbelievable in the "irreleastic" sort of way, but that it's just fucking unbelievable how much of a shitshow everyone's lives are. Two notes - irreleastic obviously is my recent replacement word for unrealistic, yeah GREs; it's worse than a shitshow but I can't find the right word.

Maybe emotional trauma? Watching how everyone's lives play out it's totally ahh horrifying. And depressing.
HOWEVER, not in a girly sappy yucky movie way (ahem, "Catch and Release"). Thankfully there aren't any emotional relationship movies coming up on my Blockbuster queue.

Ok, and also like watching a train wreck. I'm going to have to write about Laura Sessions Stepp coming up.

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