Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Taxi Strike Tomorrow

Thoughts that came to me while standing on the corner of M & Wisconsin on my way home from work:

1. 6 cabs just turned right from westbound M onto northbound Wisconsin. Several more waiting in queue as the light turned red.
Would a taxi strike ease a little congestion in the district? It could actually make traffic better.

2. Wouldn't a strike be more effective if it was from Halloween until a) the drivers got what they wanted b) they realized they wouldn't make enough money not driving and gave in?

3. This is from earlier... Can you call a VA/MD cab to pick you up in DC? Then the strike could be sort of moot on Halloween. Also - sober ride is operating 1 (800) 200-TAXI, so there is that option.

Oh well. I've been in two DC cabs over the past two days. The first one was from AMorg/Mt Pleasant to Rosslyn on my way home late Saturday night - $13.25 - It was a realistic price and I tipped up to $15. Even though the driver almost killed someone on Roosevelt Bridge. But he didn't. So I tipped him...
The second was from Rosslyn to the Kennedy Center to get to the ADL concert last night. (Yes, I know, did we really need to take a cab... Ehh.) Actually, more on that - it is $16 to park at Kennedy Center and we figured about equal to take 2 cabs, granted we caught their shuttle to metro on the way home. ::rambles:: The cab that picked us up in Rosslyn was a DC cab, which I'm pretty sure they're not supposed to do... Then he went the wrong way... Then the trip cost us $10. For about 2 miles. That man did not get tipped.

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