Thursday, June 01, 2006

Wow, this is ridiculous.

OK, yes, I'm a girl, I'm white, I don't look like a terrorist.
But I think this profiling is WRONG. When I carried Arab text books on the plane I didn't get even a double take like I thought I might. Did anyone watch season 2 of 24? We all could be "terrorists" "jihadists" whatever.
See below though:
"It is an apt comparison, Mr. Ahmed feels, noting that after the 1995 Oklahoma City terrorist bombing by a white former soldier, Timothy J. McVeigh, not every blond with a buzz cut was pulled over."

And we didn't really profile white men for the unabomber thing.

I was recently marked for special screening at the airport because I had a 1 way ticket to upstate NY. I had to go through the air blast machine. A blonde girl in heels 2 people before me set it off (it picks up gun powder/explosive residue) and it took over 5 minutes for them to clean off & reset the machine. Apparantly we can't all get the special treatment because it would be a waste of time... Or would it catch explosives? How sensitive is this machine................................

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