Thursday, June 01, 2006

the gym

It's weird how solitary the gym is... You go, hop on your treadmill/elliptical/bike/erg/etc, plug in your ipod, open a magazine (or at nice gold's or wsc watch tv on your treadmill) and solitary confine yourself to the machine.
The classes are so close to almost the same way, usually you show up by yourself, yoga, and go. So many people are say-nothing-to-no-one types.
And then there's cardio kickboxing, which just amuses me. Yes, I enjoy it! Fun to do something completely different, but oh it's so funny.

Generally a mix of girls (women) ranging from the college kid home for the summer to post college to awkward mom age to old & uncoordinated. And the occasional awkward middle aged man who I usually see as a spectacle (but even more so in yoga). Yesterday was a mix of post college/awkward mom. I'll get the awkward mom thing out of the way because they sometimes seem completely discombobulated, incapable of getting any of the sequences right, unable to kick an inch off the floor, have to get water every 2 minutes... Hope I am never an awkward mom but good for you for going to the gym with all the skinny pretty gym-addict girls.

Then there's the we all look alike crowd. And it's so amusing these girls who punch and kick like they are fighting some imaginary enemy who is always on the right right right right right left left left left left right left right left.... No room for elbow-kick him in the nuts-right-left-left-left-right-left randomness like a real fight. No, this is a pink robot we're atttacking. Oh all these Yoshimi girls left block right kicking.

And bless you for knowing right from left. I see cardio kickboxing as a mental exercise: remembering my right from left, following crazy little kicking sequences, shuffling, bobbing, it's really hard on my head since work is such a brain drain. Some girls (who go to ckb way too muuuuuch) get so tough and into it like "I am ready for you pink robot do your best right left right left right left double speed"...
I am not so much like that, considering I can't be ready for the pink robot with it's alternating right lefts because I might just start out left right left left right left right don't stop paying attention because you'll go right left ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!


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