Monday, August 27, 2007

Look at them girls with the daisy dukes on

Actually, look at that old man with the WHITE daisy dukes on, sans t-shirt.
OK, he spent most of the game without a t-shirt, which was a slightly more disturbing sight than this photo because his beer belly flopped over those short shorts, and yes, we were convinced those were tightie-whities until he stood up.

What a sight at the Orioles game yesterday! After encouraging us to take this picture, security guards said that he comes every Sunday afternoon in similar scantily clad outfits and that he's not even an O's fan. (You can't see the Red Nationals cap in the photo - but here he is singing God Bless America.)

Orioles lost yesterday, Nationals lost yesterday, f-ing yanks lost yesterday, but the Bo Sox won & are back to 7 1/2 games up in AL East. Yeah baseball!

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