Friday, October 05, 2007

Conversations to maybe NOT have on the bus

*my computer is being weird, so excuse the lack of apostrophes*

So on the way home today the guy sitting behind me on the bus was on the phone with someone, telling them about a visit to California where he met up with his father. In terms of things to overhear on the bus, this wasn't an entertaining overhear (see DCist, eavesdropDC), in fact it was ind of sad. Apparently he had dinner with his dad a few times in CA, ended up paying for dinner & giving his dad some money because his father was having trouble getting some social security checks. This is all well and good as a conversation, and not particularly notable, until he said, "Maybe if my dad had got our of jail and turned himself around..."

Whoa dude, your dad was in jail? And that's not the kind of personal information you'd be hesitant sharing out loud on the bus?

Then he said, "Maybe the social security problems are because of something that's held up from being in jail. I know he is out of probation in 3 out of 4 states, I'm not sure about Texas..."

At that point I almost stayed on the bus past my stop, the conversation was getting a little intriguing, and I honestly wanted to see if he would talk about HOW his dad ended up in jail and on probation in four states...

Not that this is funny, it was a pretty depressing conversation, but given that his dad was some sort of criminal (in the sense of criminal being a person who was in jail), here is this guy on the bus, who's talking about his grad program and his girlfriend-wife-fiances dissertation. So not a sketchy character talking about things like that.

It was just... WEIRD!

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sarah said...

Wow. That is crazy. Yea, people really don't hold back their business in public places. I've heard some strange shit too. One time this guy sat next to me on the bus and told me all these things, including that he'd been in Desert Storm. I asked him where they statiioned him during it, like what country, and he was like, "uh, the desert." Liar. I could tell he was making it up the whole time!