Sunday, October 28, 2007


Saw this one via DC Blogs: Bad Metro Information Design. I guess I don't think about how confusing that map is since I am pretty familiar with metro, including what car to get on on orange/blue to make changing at metro center easiest. I still get absolutely turned around inside the stations, and certainly don't ave anything close to instinct in terms of going in the right direction after the fare gates because IT IS NOT CLEARLY MARKED. Exception - Smithsonian - has signs for VA/MD or something that are easy to see, you don't have to check out the little lists on those silly polls.
I still vote for inbound/outbound but that will never happen.


Mike said...

Thanks for the link. And I totally agree about the inbound/outbound thing. The closest they come to that is putting things like "shady grove via downtown Washington, DC," which came in really handy when I first moved here and was trying to get to work that first morning.

me! said...

I feel like inbound outbound would work in DC because they are a city with a downtown that is somewhat in the center of the city - or at least metro lines tend to converge around a point near the "center." Uptown downtown certainly works in places that have a legit uptown & downtown like in NY...
I've definitely taken the train in the wrong direction after being here for 2 years simply because the marking sucks.