Sunday, October 28, 2007

Sports Sunday

NOW: I am watching the Patriots absolutely CRUSH the Redskins right now. (38 - 0 with 12 mins remaining in the game.) Earlier this week there was a lot of talk about the "Skins" having a chance to win this one. At least around here. I was too busy at work to actually read the articles, so if someone can fill me in that would be good.

LATER TONIGHT: Sox Rox on Fox? The BoSox will be taking on the Rockies in game 4 of the World Series with a 3-0 lead. Get f-ing ready. I will be a little bummed should they win w/Youk not being played, but he got in last night so looking good Youk, looking good!

THIS MORNING: Ran around the city chasing a marathoner. Got text message alerts from the Marine Corps Marathon Web site. BAD IDEA!!! Somehow the alerts got fucked up after mile 22 alert & I got probably 100 of the same alerts in a row. When we came home I called the MCM number but they were closed, then I went on the site ( that was sending the alerts and couldn't figure out how to turn contact anyone there. The MCM site also locks up on marathon day so you can only access the results section, you can't get to anything else. THEN I tried logging in to, but I had apparently already registered & couldn't remember my password. So I called Verizon customer service, but they could only block all texts, and couldn't do it specifically, directing me back to vtext, where I tried resetting my password BUT they text you a password & that wasn't coming through because my mailbox was full and anytime I deleted a text more Mile 22 texts would show up. YUUUUUCK.
I finally got it figured out & blocked, but goodness what a mess.

If anyone reading this had the same problem let me know, and let me know how you resolved it. Now I have to see if Verizon will reverse those charges.

PS: Pats game is now 45-0. What now DC? C'mon!

PPS: He ran a 2:45!

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cyberpenguin said...

Hi "me!",
Thanks for your comment on my blog, To answer your question: Yes, I too, got 5 zillion messages via the remote tracking system for the MCM. Arrrgh! (I opted for email & not mobile messages, but the effect was still the same!) I seem to have gotten all of the information (i.e., times at the 5M mark, 10M mark, etc.), but several zillion times! Yes, agreed. Was very annoying! Oh well. Took me a while, but finally got around to deleting all of those messages.

Hope your phone is still in one piece! ;-) Next time, it might be better to just get the information directly from the MCM runner you're tracking! ;-)