Thursday, February 07, 2008

Useless blog fight 2k8 version 2.0

Why this guy is trying to start useless DC blog fight 2k8 with this guy, I can't explain. But why it hasn't caught on yet with anyone either a) speaks to self-restraint or b) blog reader's not reading or caring or c) useless blog fight 2k8 version 1.0 was useless and not worth the effort.

I go with C. (Because it's all about me!)

Also, I would like to revise my statement on Don't Be Silent DC's post… I am annoyed that writing about teenage boys outside Trader Joe's was a worthwhile blog post when 11 women have been attacked in Alexandria/Fairfax. Be concerned for your safety, not for teenagers.


Oh wow, Project Runway divas from WWE...

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The Diarist said...

Heh ... I couldn't start a blog war with Rusty, even if i devoted serious energy to it. He doesn't much pay attention to other bloggers. But that doesn't mean a person can't vent in their own cyber-spot. (As you already pointed out.)