Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Voting in the Potomac Primary on Chesapeake Tuesday or.. Whatever the kids are calling it these days.

I am undecided:
On whether the line to vote this morning was a result of a big number of people voting.... Or total inefficiency on the part of the staff.

But it sounds cool to say that I waited for 45 minutes to vote (part of that OUTSIDE) this morning as a result of over 250 people before me doing there civic duty & voting. We have 2 polling places right next to each other and the lucky folks next door mostly got to stand inside. Well, we were lucky enough to stand inside the fire station once we did, which was pretty cool. (The guy in front of me did a little oogling of the fire truck; I preferred the fire fighters. Hot?)

One, there were some guys with press passes who were filming something, and a girl (looking way unprofessional, so I can't judge who she was) asking questions of some of the people as they left. Note to all the reporters out there: don't wear green & yellow striped gloves and sneakers on the job...

Two, as I showed up, a group of 4 people stood on the sidewalk with big white letters spelling out OBAMA. (Where was number 5? That seemed poorly planned.) And as I left, some girl outside the other polling place, holding a Hillary sign, was asking "Undecided?"

Well. No. I am decided enough to know that's not my decision. Wish I had photos, but I couldn't even hold my coffee cup when I was at the voting booth.

I got a sticker though!

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