Saturday, June 27, 2009

Owen Wilson + Reese Witherspoon FTW

Yesterday started out as the worst day ever. I had a horrible morning with the dentist, who is a jerk, because they don't do fillings with silver (seriously) and my insurance doesn't cover composite fillings. Then after being abused for an hour and having a piece of rubber pulled over my face, I got a third shot of novacaine to my f-ing jaw when the dentist decided that it wasn't working out, that the novacaine was not effective and he couldn't finish drilling and he was going to give me a temporary filling and send me home.
Did he just break up with me? Seriously, I was going to have the upper hand in the dental break up. As soon as I got home I called the dentist who I've lined up for my next cleaning and asked if they could fix my fillings. And I'm in. Fifth dentist in less than five years.... And of course a friend of mine had told me that the filming crew trucks were set up down my our office and here I am at home.

Waiting for Comcast.

And then Comcast decided to F with me. I know, I'm not surprised. Basically they were supposed to come by, but the technician called me to tell me that actualy he won't be coming by because the Comcast phone idiots weren't supposed to send someone out for the kind or error our cable had and that he'd have it fixed within 24 hours and I should call his supervisor if it wasn't working. I know, this is not that bad, but someone could have done that 2 weeks ago when I first called them.

And then the day started to brighten.... We decided to go for the usual run, across Memorial and Key (because we'd heard they were filming) and it was going fine until raindrops started to fall and the wind kicked up. By total coincidence, we ended up under the Whitehurst where they were filming as the trees bent backward, lightning struck, and it started to hail. So we stopped to see what was going on.

AND TOTALLY SAW OWEN AND REESE FILMING. The sucky part? I didn't have my camera because we were out for a run....
They were filming a scene where they walked through the park holding a plate of donuts, in the rain. The funny thing was that they used artifical rain to film it and had to wait for the storm to end before they did the walking.
Owen Wilson is super skinny and Reese Witherspoon is super ittybitty. It was pretty exciting though and I wished that (1) we weren't soaking wet and hungry and (2) that I had a camera and of course (3) that I could have hung out and watched it for longer.

Of course, to put the cherry on top, when we got home, half of the power was out (and my internet). It came back on but of course was out this morning, as was the AC and the hot water. I took a cold shower post yoga...

But, dream is somewhat fulfilled!

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terro said...

Owen Wilson is my alltime favorite actor so I wouldn´t mind standing in the rain hungry and wet if I could have a chance to see him in person. I am even creating a website in tribute of him. Check it out at