Friday, June 26, 2009

Own Wilson Watch, filming in Georgtown

Now onto this movie, we went out on an Owen hunt the other day.
This is Le Pain Quotidien:

Owen was not here.

This is the Four Seasons:

Owen was not here either.

This is Baked & Wired. I love Baked & Wired. Their (barista's) sense of humor suits me perfectly.

Owen was not here either.

(The billboard here is encouraging you to make it 4/20 every day by buying a B&W t-shirt. Hah. The other side said something aout their hippie crack.)

This is where Owen was filming on Wednesday:

Owen was not here. Either.

But his truck was:

So, what have we learned?

Owen is holed up in the Four Seasons eating his Georgetown Cupcakes and going on secret bike rides. Without me. Sigh.

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