Monday, June 22, 2009

Owen Wilson Watch: Day Six or so?

Well, Owen Wilson is not in my office. (Unless he is very small, like in Night at the Museum, so that actually increases the chances that he is in my office, I think.)

But today's Owen Wilson watch update: potential Owen Wilson residences during filming.
Given the number of times he has been spotted in Georgetown, I'm going to guess he's staying in Georgetown somewhere. Here's what google suggests: Georgetown Hotels

1. Hotel Monticello - right on the canal, so probably smells awesome (nope), dedicated doorman, parking, but doesn't have any star quality from the outside, probably desidned for the business traveller
2. Latham Hotel - home of Citronelle, but its 600sqft room is currently available, sooo that's out
3. Georgetown Inn - I couldn't even get to their website to check it out, so either under the cover of darkness or sucktastic?
4. The Ritz-Carlton - clearly a fancy shmancy place, but maybe too stuffy?
5. The Four Seasons - no rooms available for tonight... Interesting

Then again, if so much shooting is up in Adams Morgan, do you think Owen & crew are getting down with Real World Kids in Dupont???

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