Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Owen Wilson Watch: Day 1, probably

Owen Wilson has been hanging out in Georgetown A LOT. Georgetown Cupcake, Sweetgreen, Tackle Box. I totally go to (have been to once or twice, with the exception of sweetgreen) those places! And other places in Georgetown, sometimes I go there too.
So here is Day 1 of Owen Wilson watch, though maybe it should have started a few days ago.
So far: I have not seen him on K St or on the bus or at the gym. Maybe if I frequent.... Dean & Deluca or Barnes & Noble (even Owen Wilson must like to read)?

Other potential suggestions for Owen Wilson:
  • How about Baked & Wired? That's a location. I'd go there if I were famous. I go there anyway.
  • Tony & Joe's (because no one would run up to you screaming at the waterfront, kidding!), but how about Agraria?
  • Foggy Bottom Fresh Farm market, they have good French bakery items and strawberries
  • Mie n Yu, because that's where celebs go
  • Cusp or Barney's (I so can't afford that)
  • Hook, Tackle Box's big brother
  • My apartment (well that's in Arlington, but I'll make you cupcakes)

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