Friday, June 12, 2009

We're back?

What with summer in the city not involving 11 2+ hour work outs a week, school or hours devoted to volunteer time, we're back! Let's see how long writing posts only 2 other people will read lasts.*
Oh and yes, I realize that I live life over-extended. As you can imagine, that's why the blog is being resuscitated.
A lot has gone on in the past oh year and a half. I found google reader (it's true love), realized I am obsessed with baking things, and discovered there are a lot more female bloggers out there (talking about sex, natch). It's kind of like girls in rock bands in the 90s, a trend that sadly has died out. (Juliana Hatfield, Tracy Bonham, No Doubt, Tori, etc.)
So I'm here.

*I'm going to say all of 2 weeks and that's after posting daily wanes...

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