Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Why I Hate DC Sucks, But Remember When It Didn't?

Remember back in the day (Why I Hate DC iteration 2 or 3?) when there was a massive massive amount of hate for Laura Sessions Stepp? And, well deserved I might add. I read her book (Unhooked). It pained me. Sometimes it's hard to remember that journalists don't know anything about anything. And LSS certainly doesn't know anything about sex. Or research. Or attributing things to sources.
(Like when she said that having more sex causes infertility. Without the connecting pieces, it sounds like if you have sex you are less likely to have babies. What she should have said was the more sexual partners you have and the riskier your behavior, the more likely you are to get an STI which can lead to infertility. Sounds a whole lot different doesn't it.)

Well, a co-worker and fellow LSS-hater just pointed out LSS's new blog Sex.Really.
Let me give you an idea of what you will find here:
On occasion we'll look at what science says about sex. For example, at present, seven in ten pregnancies among single 20-somethings are unplanned. Young women ages 20-24 are infected by the sexually transmitted, human papillomavirus at a higher rate than any other age group. It doesn't take a seasoned journalist to figure out what this means: Too many are simply not taking relationships, sex, and pregnancy seriously enough.

Oh geez. It doesn't take a seasoned journalist to realize that there are some issues with this statement. I just skimmed the HPV study she links to, and here's what they say:
Also, HPV DNA point prevalence will most certainly underestimate cumulative incidence as many infections clear; this assessment only measures current infection and does not indicate past exposure to HPV.
So maybe those older women had a strain of HPV at some point in time which is now undetectable. Oh. Interesting. It's not a surprise that 20-24 year olds are having more sex (hello college) with more partners. This doesn't imply that we're not taking things seriously.

Also, of course 7 of 10 pregnancies in single 20-somethings are unplanned. I'm surprised that's not higher. The DCR report kind of sucks, the graphs for instance. The only ones worth looking at and making comparisons of are the graphs that include rate. And they only do that by race. There is nothing in there to impress me. Or make me want to read it. And here single=unmarried. I have a problem with that. Angelina fucking Jolie. How's that for single pregnancies. (Unplanned or not, she's still unmarried. And they're doing that for a reason.)

Hey also, this isn't what science says about sex. It's what statistics say about sex. And you know what they say about statistics.

Ugh. Whatever. Welcome back Laura Sessions Stepp. We've missed you. Not.*
Also, please get your RSS feed to display the whole post so I don't have to actually click on your link to read your posts. Thanks.

*I've been saying not a lot lately, blogging-wise. Yes, I am 10 years old and it's the 90s.

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